About Me

Chelsea SedotiThis is the part where I tell you about myself.

I’m supposed to list how awesome/unique/fascinating I am. The truth is, that’s the kind of thing that makes my mind instantly go blank.

The first thing you should know about me: I’m very shy.


The first thing you should know is that I’m a writer.

A shy writer.

Who does better writing about characters than herself.

Here’s an easy one:

I’ve lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for most of my life. It’s a weird place. I’m not a fan of casinos, but I love the Mojave Desert. I also love the woods and hills and dying steel mill towns of eastern Ohio, which is where my family is from. I wish I could split my time between both places.

So that’s something about me.

Here’s more:

I have a nerdy-cool husband and a goofy dog and evil cat. I read a lot of books. I think Mad Men is the best show ever made. I rock climb, even though I’m afraid of heights. I would eat red velvet cupcakes from the Cupcakery every day if I could. One of my favorite things in the world is exploring abandoned places.  

Another thing:

I love writing because it lets me have adventures. I love writing because it is an adventure.

That’s what you should know about me: I think everything should feel like an adventure.

With a little effort, it can.