Fallout: New Vegas Wedding Survival Kit

What to get for two Fallout fans who are getting married in the Mojave Desert? A Fallout: New Vegas themed wedding survival kit, obviously.

I made this for my friend Shu right before his wedding last year. His first anniversary is this week, and that got me thinking about the survival kit all over again. How could I have waited so long to put pictures online?

Here it is, one of my favorite creations:

Fallout: New Vegas Wedding Survival Kit

Fallout: New Vegas Wedding Survival Kit

Milsurp Review & Mentats


Mojave Express

Greetings from New Vegas

A copy of the letter that went with it:


Date: May 2013

Subject: Wedding Day Survival

So, you're getting married. You probably think you have all the little details covered, don't you? Here's the truth: A lot can go wrong on a wedding day and you can't rely on some mysterious stranger to swoop in and save you. Luckily, thanks to a couple of your fellow wasteland wanderers, you won't have to. We've been kind enough to put together a handy little kit to help you get through your wedding day mishaps. So instead of spending the hours before your ceremony doing crisis cleanup you can kick back and concentrate on the thing that really counts- you're about to get MARRIED! 

Your Wedding Day Survival Kit contains the following:

-Two bottles of Nuka Cola (Quench your thirst and get some caffeine in your system before walking down the aisle.)

-Buffout (Painkiller. Wedding receptions have been known to cause headaches.)

-Mentats (Because the last thing you want during your first kiss as newlyweds is bad breath.)

-Vault-Tec Bobby Pins (For last minute hair disasters. Also good for lock-picking.)

-Cram & Iguanas on a Stick (No one wants to hear your stomach rumbling while you're saying your vows.)

-The May issue of The Milsurp Review (Anxious while you're waiting for the ceremony to start? Browse a magazine to relax.)

-Vault-Tec Bandages (Weddings can be hazardous. That doesn't mean you need to bleed out all over your formal wear.)

-Man-Up Brand Tissues (Because sometimes you need to man the fuck up.)

-Cat Eye (It's okay to cry. It's not okay to walk around with red eyes letting everyone know you've been crying.)

-Mary May Lip Balm (You may be in the Mojave, but that's no excuse for cracked lips in your wedding photos.)

-Matches from The Lucky 38 Casino (If everything else fails, just burn it all down.)

Good luck and happy wedding!

Not pictured: Lots and lots of bottlecaps.