A Long Overdue Update

I had plans for this blog. Plans that included posting once a week. Clearly, I’ve failed.

It’s just that life got really busy. There was a wedding and honeymoon and by the time that was done the holiday season had started. In all of the craziness, my blog was pretty easy to neglect.

Luckily, it’s not an only-one-chance sort of thing. Now that life is back to normal (or as normal as it’ll ever be), I’m committed to updating my blog frequently. Again.

Here are some things that have happened:

First, “Hildy Bakes a Cake” was published in the Ares issue of Pantheon Magazine! You can read it here. Or buy the print version here. The fantastic artwork was done by Carrion House.

In December I found out “Hildy” was one of Pantheon’s Pushcart Prize nominations, which was unexpected and exciting!

Around that same time another of my short stories, “The Ice Cream Sandwich”, was accepted to Balloons Lit. Journal. The issue came out last week and can be read here!

Last month I decided to put short stories aside so I could get back to my novel. I’d spent enough time away from it to get some perspective, I think. I’ve been making great progress. It’s both awesome and scary to finally be taking the next steps with it.  

All in all, things have been going pretty well and I’m feeling motivated. Now, I just need to use that motivation to keep my blog updated…

(Oh, I also finally gave in and made a Twitter account. I held out for as long as I could. You can follow me here!)